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Keep Unwanted Elements Out Of Bounds with the Most Secure Doors

Security is very important in all offices. You need to ensure that unwanted people don’t enter your office. You should also ensure that people who don’t have the authority don’t enter those places they are not allowed to enter. Everyone in your office is not the same and there may certainly be people who are not always working in the better interests of the company. So, it is better to restrict the entry of people into sensitive areas in the office. The need to keep these areas secure is very important.


Techcom Engineering offers the best solution for restricting the entry of people into some areas. Our digital door lock system is the best fail-proof system. These systems will keep the doors locked unless the authorized person feeds the necessary code or uses his fingerprints or face for unlocking the doors. These doors can be programmed to allow entry only to some persons based on their biometric features. The doors worked on the principle electromagnetism. The doors are kept locked by powerful electromagnets. The power to the electromagnets is stopped when an authorized person opens it. When the power is stopped the magnet doesn’t work thus opening the door.



You can give fingerprint door access to the select employees who are allowed inside the secured area. Alternative methods are through face recognition or pin numbers. These doors can work in two modes. There is a fail safe mode which will deactivate the lock as soon as there is a power outage. This is safe for the individual safety of people if they are trapped inside the office. This is good for use for the main door of the office where everyone has to use codes to unlock the door. The other mode is the fail secure mode. In this mode, the lock remains locked even when there is a power outage. This is good to secure the property at nights when no one is inside the building.


The electromagnetic digital door lock system is the best for use in offices. The locks work very fast and are durable without any breakdowns. Techcom Engineering can install these door security systems as per your requirement.

Source: http://tech-com.com.sg