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Select the Best Security Product for Your Working and Living Property

Due to increasing rate of stealing and crimes at living and working places, it has become necessary to install some security gadgets to keep a sharp eye at the place and record all happenings explicitly to do the needful to stop the unwanted activities of culprits next time. With this aim, it becomes important to choose the best quality security products for home, office, shop, etc., after making a strong search at different stores. Usually, there are different types of security gadgets have been designed by the engineers, which are blessed with latest technology, automated functions and impressive designs too. Moreover, some devices do work over network or IP address and are easy to operate via internet and control its functions and settings to capture picture, videos, and sound of people at the place clearly. So, you need to identify the right security product for your working and living place wisely.


Some finest security devices are described below, which can be vital options for better security at home and office too.


CCTV Cameras: These are commonly, but highly recommended security devices these days. You can find a widest collection of high quality CCTV cameras at the stores, which may vary in terms of designs, styles, and high-end security features, which allow one to capture everything happening at the place with clear vision.  You can also go for option of CCTV SG option, if you are buying this security product online in Singapore. For this, you need to explore site of finest security gadgets’ suppliers in the country. On their sites you can find both wired and non wired CCTV cameras in widest ranges as well.


Biometric Locks: When it comes for security of office or track attendance of office employees, you should do prefer to install the best quality biometric locks at entrance door of the office. Biometric lock systems are designed specifically to track attendance mark of authorized employees on a daily basis. The biometric systems of this modern era have designed elegantly and are loaded with useful attendance software, date and time features, fingerprint touch screen and other finest options too. So, if you want keep eyes on your office staff, you should use biometric locks at the doors of workplaces wisely.


Door Access Systems: These are also useful office security products, which can be reliable to keep doors closed and restrict entry of unauthorized person to enter in the room or pass through the door. These systems are designed specifically to keep security at the doors through inbuilt security feature like password, card swiping, or any digital security aspect too. You can easily find door access systems at the trusted security products’ store in the market at affordable prices.


So, you can choose any of the above security items for your office or home to provide it high level security fact easily.




Tips For Selecting The Best Door Access System For You

Security is the most important aspect for any home or business owner now with increase in crime rate. It is only the reason behind invention of door access system. After installation of this door access system, only the authorized individuals will be able to enter in a room or a building in safe way. Access control aside, a door access system can lessen the hassle created by losing the keys or hunting down the terminated employees who were earlier granted access when were in service period. 



If you are thinking regarding advantage of this kind of access control system, you may need to pick the right kind of service for you. There are few tips given below for choosing a right kind of door access systemYou need to find out the actual purpose for installation of the door access system. Most of the people install the door access system for keeping out the unauthorized personnel. The other uses of such device include the recording of arrival and departure of employees and reminding the authorities while breaking of system already made.  


You need to decide the size of the system prior to implementing the same. There is need to consider the number of doors which are to be secured, the ideal number of employee’s data which is needed to be put in the system and the way it can be extended in the future. You also need to choose the level of security that is required to be provided for door access system. On other hand, companies having risk to lose more due to lack of security can have fingerprint access control system.


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The level of security can be also decided on the basis that how easily you can interact with the system. The biometric access systems are the most reliable security systems which are followed by the card-based systems and the keypad devices also. However, you may also need to keep in your mind that easier systems will cost more. Thus, check with your budget prior to investing your money down in one of these.


Make sure that lock you choose comes with an additional rechargeable battery. It is very important as you should lock yourself outside in the case of power failure. So, the safe as well as lock for a system can run twenty four hours and seven days. The brands are also essential for security solutions. This is because it guarantees the effective functioning of lock. For example, a Samsung lock can also ensure that you may get a nice digital device which can smoothly runs and also provide the actual value for money. Thus, you need to ask the security solution provider to note down the brands which are to be offered.


Panasonic phone systems are few kinds of popular phone systems used for business purposes. Panasonic phones possess ready to read screen, one touch button, time saving navigator key, visibility of red and green lights and the speakerphones.

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Identify the Perfect CCTV System Supplier

Installing the best quality CCTV camera in your home or office can help a lot to increase the level of security. You also need to ensure of finding the best supplier so that it becomes possible to get the perfect and genuine one. Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd happens to be the reliable CCTV system supplier where you can rest assured of the high-quality surveillance items. You can try to make your perfect selection from our superior quality CCTV system and other items according to your requirement. We make it possible to provide with the best installation as well as servicing of the surveillance items. So, you can always expect the best items to secure your property or business. Our innovative security products can truly help a lot to serve your security needs where it also helps a lot to save on your pocket.



We have got products like door access, IP cameras, auto gate system, alarm security system, etc that would serve to be unimaginable helpful. So, you can approach us for the superior quality items where you never have to compromise at all.  We have been supplying our surveillance products for long years and we have also received the best responses from our customers. Being the best CCTV camera system supplier, we always aim to improve our services. We also provide with the best assistance in case of any sort of difficulty or problem that you face with your surveillance items. You can try to select from the different categories of CCTV camera products. Even if you want us to choose the perfect product for you then you have to place your request online.


You need to mention your requirement on the type of security items that you wish to purchase. Our experienced executives will fix an appointment with you and reach your place in no time for its installation. At Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd, you can also find exciting promotions where it becomes possible to make the best use of it. We make sure that our promotions help in providing you with the maximum advantage where you can save quite a lot of cash. When you contact our best CCTV system supplier Singapore, it would be possible to find that we make use of the latest technology. You would surely be highly benefited by our best quality surveillance items which would never let you get disappointed at all.


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Keep Unwanted Elements Out Of Bounds with the Most Secure Doors

Security is very important in all offices. You need to ensure that unwanted people don’t enter your office. You should also ensure that people who don’t have the authority don’t enter those places they are not allowed to enter. Everyone in your office is not the same and there may certainly be people who are not always working in the better interests of the company. So, it is better to restrict the entry of people into sensitive areas in the office. The need to keep these areas secure is very important.


Techcom Engineering offers the best solution for restricting the entry of people into some areas. Our digital door lock system is the best fail-proof system. These systems will keep the doors locked unless the authorized person feeds the necessary code or uses his fingerprints or face for unlocking the doors. These doors can be programmed to allow entry only to some persons based on their biometric features. The doors worked on the principle electromagnetism. The doors are kept locked by powerful electromagnets. The power to the electromagnets is stopped when an authorized person opens it. When the power is stopped the magnet doesn’t work thus opening the door.



You can give fingerprint door access to the select employees who are allowed inside the secured area. Alternative methods are through face recognition or pin numbers. These doors can work in two modes. There is a fail safe mode which will deactivate the lock as soon as there is a power outage. This is safe for the individual safety of people if they are trapped inside the office. This is good for use for the main door of the office where everyone has to use codes to unlock the door. The other mode is the fail secure mode. In this mode, the lock remains locked even when there is a power outage. This is good to secure the property at nights when no one is inside the building.


The electromagnetic digital door lock system is the best for use in offices. The locks work very fast and are durable without any breakdowns. Techcom Engineering can install these door security systems as per your requirement.

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Get Critical Systems For The Office From The Experts

An office requires many equipment and systems to run it smoothly. You will purchase your various equipment and gadgets from many suppliers. It is always best to get these items from those who are experts in installing and servicing them. If you do that there will be no problems in the future.


One of the top requirements of any office nowadays is to keep the office and many parts of it secure. It has become highly essential considering that there are more and more incidences of criminals entering offices and stealing money and other valuables. It is also essential to keep some parts of the office where there are valuables and confidential documents from being accessed by everyone. All these require an efficient way to prevent entry of unauthorized people. A locking system that is easy and at the same time secure is what you need.



A door access system operating on the principles of electromagnetic force is best suited for you. These provide ample security and can allow selective entry of people. There are no physical locks so that there is no threat of keys being copied or lost. These door access systems work on either electronic keypads or biometric system. This means that nobody, other than the authorized people will be able to get inside the secure area. If you purchase one that works on the biometric system you can be sure that nobody else can enter the area.


These locks work on the principle of electromagnetism. When the locks are opened using the biometric system or keypad, the power to the electromagnet is cut off, thus releasing the lock. This can be operated on a safe mode so that even if there is an accident inside the office, the power can be switched off and the door opened to allow emergency exit. Techcom Engineering can supply you with any model of these door access systems and install the same. We also have the necessary technicians for service and maintenance.

Communication is an import part of any organization. Communication equipment is a must for the company. One of the best equipment for smooth, continuous communication between the office employees and outside partners is the PBX phone system. This system will allow communication between many people inside the office at the same time. It also facilitates various members of the staff to use the same outside line to talk to related persons outside the office. The system delivers clear and loud voice. Techcom Engineering has the trained people to install and service these systems.


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Opt For the High-Quality Digital Door Lock

It is quite important for you to find the best source that provides the most useful surveillance items for your needs. Here, in this case, you have to make your first priority to have a look at the quality. This is quite important where you should never find yourself compromising on it. By having a good look at the specifications of the surveillance items, it would surely be possible to find it to be of much use to you. You can find high-quality security items when you visit Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd. We help you to get the best and branded surveillance items where you can find it to be quite helpful to meet your security needs. We have been able to supply the best quality items which have led to high levels of security in the best way.


Checking for the best digital door lock can be possible when you visit us. Our electronic door lock system can provide maximum security to your workplace. We help you to reduce your burden to a lot extent related to your security where you would never get disappointed at all. We make sure that you get all important products that would help in providing the right security needs. If you wish to get PABX then you can always find it here without any problem at all. So, by choosing our best and superior quality items, you would find that it has made it possible to get the perfect services from us where you also never have to spend a lot on it.


When you contact Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd, you would find that you can choose from a CCTV camera, alarm security system, etc. Our best IP PBX system can provide maximum security where you would find it to be of much use. Therefore, you should always make your perfect selection to approach us for your security items that are of the superior quality. Make sure that you also look at our exciting promotions that would prove to be much advantageous for you. We provide assurance of our security items that it would definitely serve your best purpose.


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Control Access to Everything in Your Office

Whether it is the unauthorized entry in office premises, or access to hard copy files and important information, no matter what you need to control from going in the wrong hands, Techcom has got office access system for all these purposes. Taking care of every aspect is very necessary, but as you cannot always be on the guard, you need someone or something to play this role. And as machines and technology is more trusted than availing services from humans any day, Techcom Engineering is here to give you a technological solution to make every part of your office completely secure.


In case you are highly concerned about the resources kept in your vaults, and are not satisfied with the traditional key lock system, Techcom Engineering’s office access system is the ideal choice for you. These systems use biometric analysis method to detect whether the person seeking entry is authorized for the same or not. Access is denied if the data entered by him doesn’t match the records. These systems never fail due to the technology they use. Fingerprint sensing, retina scan, etc are very secure measures which cannot be easily broken or found a cheat code to. With Techcom Engineering’s supreme quality devices, be assured about the safety of your office.


The usage of a password or digital pattern to grant access to various highly vulnerable locations or files in the office is no longer a secure method. What you need is something that cannot be shared between individuals, like their biometric traits; and they have been put to great use by Techcom Engineering in their office access system. They offer you the most reliable security solutions which are impenetrable and cannot be cracked by the intruder under any circumstances. Stay safe with Techcom.

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Security Systems

Running a business today is filled with a lot of tension. There is so much competition among the companies that you have to be always one step ahead if you want to succeed. Added to this is the necessity to be always ahead in technology so that you can speed up your work. Management of your staff is another major responsibility any businessman faces. But, another thing that is occupying the minds of most business owners and company managers is the threat of security breach at the office. There are people waiting to break into your office for various purposes. Earlier the only purpose of break-ins was to steal money. Today there are many other purposes like competitors trying to disrupt your work. Sometimes your own disgruntled employees can be up to mischief.


This means that you need a very good security system at the office. You should be sure that only people who are authorized to enter are entering the office at any time. Techcom Engineering has the best solution for this. Our biometric door access system can take care of all your security headaches. The system has both face and fingerprint recognition system. It can also identify faces in dark conditions. This is the best way to check unauthorized entry into your office. There is no way a person can enter without being recognized and confirmed that he has the right to enter.


It is not just outsiders who are doing things against the well-being of the company. Sometimes your own staff may indulge in activities which are not in the best interest of the organization. They may be either unhappy with their work or may be prompted by competitors to do so. Money makes people do many things. You need to keep a watch on such characters in your office. A good surveillance system is the best solution for this.


Techcom Engineering undertakes camera installation for surveillance purposes. We can install the cameras at good places where the whole office will be covered. Our technicians can come and check your office and premises and suggest to you where the cameras can be placed to give you the best view of the whole office. Trust us with your security and enjoy peace of mind.


Get The Right Connection With The Right Cables

Every kind of activity in a company depends on fiber optics cable. Be it their communication, IT or networking, a company needs proper cabling service to be done so that their functions are not affected. Techcom Engineering has been doing fiber optic cabling for quite a few years and this has helped many companies conduct their activities. There are many advantages for laying the fiber optic cables. These cables can give very high speeds for your data transfer. They are also highly economical in the long run. Your data will have a better security when you use fiber optics cabling system. All these have made these cables a necessary part of any IT and networking infrastructure.


Techcom Engineering does the layout designing of cables. We have tested and commissioned many cabling projects over the years. We also provide maintenance for your cabling. It can be an on-call basis service or an annual maintenance contract. Whatever be the case, we offer the best service for your cabling. Check out the fiber optics cable price with us when you need a cabling system to be installed in your office.


Communication is of great importance whether it is in your personal life or professional activities. Without communication, nothing works. It is all the more important in your professional life because you have to communicate with many people both outside and inside your company to get work done. Communicating with your clients regularly is very important. Overseas clients and suppliers need to contact regularly for the smooth running of your company. Communication is a major expense that companies will have to bear.


For effective and most economical communication the best solution is to install an IP PBX system. The system is most advanced and will save you a lot of money when compared with the conventional phone system. The PBX will help many people in the company to talk among themselves and with your business partners outside the office. Call us to come and assess what size system you will require for your office. We will be glad to come and help you.


Techcom Engineering is a multifaceted company involved in many activities that could be useful to your company.


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Get High Quality CCTV Camera for You

Finding the right and professional surveillance services can really help to meet your urgent requirement. You have to choose the best supplier which can meet your purpose. It is very important to seek a reliable source which can help you to supply high-quality CCTV camera.  This can really make you enjoy the right advantages out of it where you can get it installed in your home or office. So, with your good presence of mind and proper research, you can surely get the good and maximum result using it in a proper manner.


You no longer need to move out of your place to find the right surveillance items. This is because you can find the best items by contacting Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd.  We deal with both surveillance and cabling products which help in meeting your accurate specifications without any compromise on its quality. Our wireless CCTV camera can be of the best use to record all the movements. So, choosing the right surveillance products can help in attending to your perfect requirement. You would be able to find a cost-effective solution without spending much money.


We are always committed to our clients where you can get to find reliable services. We provide innovative solutions where you would also be able to get swift delivery from our team. We would also be proud to offer you the best quality surveillance products when you reach out to us for your best requirement. Our personalized support never fails to attend to your own requirement. This is because our 24/7 services can really help to find it much effective for your requirement. We never take much time for our best CCTV camera installation which our experts can do it in an effective manner.


Being the perfect CCTV camera Singapore supplier, we make the right effort to get the delivery process done in a quick manner. At Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd, you can also approach for optic fibre cabling and other door access system so that you can find good support out of it. We always deliver the best quality products which help you to enjoy the right standards without any worry. Being part of your business would make us feel special where we promise to provide the perfect quality items as per your needs. You would surely get the good advantage of our products.


Are You Using The Latest Technology Products?

Security is the most important thing that any person needs. No matter whether the person is rich, middle class or poor everyone needs security. But can the security be provided manually? This is not possible every time. Hiring a guard and then leaving on his shoulders your entire possession is not right. The guard is also a human and may get distracted sometimes. In order to provide you technical security, Techcom Engineering manufactures products.


We provide five years warranty on our products and 24*7 supports to our customers. We are the leading professional security solution company. We are famous for delivering our projects on time. We never delay the projects, hence keeping our customers satisfied. The security solutions which we provide are fully latest. We upgrade our technologies as per the trend. The best part is that we don’t charge much for our works. Our costs are minimal and hence can be supported by an average earning person.


Techcom Engineering provides you with the IP pbx system. This system helps an organization to constantly interact with the employees through phone system without any disturbance. The voice clarity maintained by us is excellent. It took several years for us to manufacture this system. This system has brought great changes in the communication system of an organization. You may not depend on the common communication network.



Another facility provided by us is network cabling. IT sector needs the network cables the most. Without these cables, this sector is nothing. The cables provided by us are very much user-friendly. They are cost-effective and provide huge flexibility. The downtime is reduced due to these cables because of easier troubleshooting. These cables have provided huge ease to the IT sector. People work because of these cables and many of them are unknown to this fact.


Techcom engineering is the best company and we wish to provide more and more products to our customers.   

New Age Electronic Systems for Your Offices

Your offices should be well equipped with systems that reduce the burden on the shoulders of your employees and they are able to focus on work, instead of running errands around the office. Time is often wasted in communicating some messages around the office, which can easily be avoided by having phone systems installed in the office. This would save time and would allow the employees to enable better and faster communication; also the messages won’t be distorted as the same message would reach directly.

 Techcom Engineering understands the requirements of your office and hence offers Panasonic phone systems which are ideal choice for facilitating all sorts of communication in your organization.Another electronic system that has made to the list of necessities in the office is the security systems. With the rising concern about the safety of organizations and attacks on the offices, it is very important to keep a check and safeguard all the belongings of your company. Techcom Engineering offers electronic door lock systems which ensure that only the authorized persons are allowed entry inside the premises of your office. This will make sure that no unwanted person who is not allowed to enter can have access to any of the documents of belongings of your office.


There is no guarantee of people these days, and hence just having security guards for your office is not enough. To keep your office out of danger’s way, you can rely on electronic door lock system by Techcom Engineering. These systems will make sure that all your work related data, or hard earned wealth is completely safe and is away from the intervention of strangers. Keep your organization secure from the negative intentions of the unknown people, and give authority to only the trusted ones with Techcom.

Give Your Office The Top Security

Are you concerned about the security of your office? Is a thought of a mishap always pestering you at the back of your mind? Are you always worried about the safety systems in your office? If yes, then you need Techcom Engineering services for your office, which secure the organization from any sort of approaching danger. Don’t leave it at risk; it is your dream. The primary method of securing an office is installation of CCTV camera which monitors who enters and exits the premises; and what were the activities he performed. This is very necessary as no one can be trusted these days with the responsibility of taking care of your company.


Another way to monitor entry in the office, since CCTV can only read faces, but not disguises is the biometric door access. Biometric systems have made it much easier to control entry of unknown people. Only an authorized person can get entry in the office. These use either fingerprints or other scans that are unique to every individual, so that no one who is not recognized by the system can enter there. These are the perfect methods to make your organizations secure and safe from any outsider.


Along the same lines of Biometric systems, Biometric attendance can be done to make sure who was present in the office premises and who was not. This way the employees have no chance to fool you about their being present or not. It can monitor time of entry also; that further helps you to know and manage the system of the office in absence of you. You can access the data and monitor the entry and exit of your employees. This is the most beneficial system. Techcom engineering provides all these facilities and much more to their clients that safeguard their organization from any insecurity.

Engineers at Techcom Engineering keep in mind the needs of their clients and provide them technological solutions according to their requirements. Offering a wide variety of services like CCTV installation, PABX phone system, and other such technologies that an organization needs to walk hand in hand with the rest of the world; all are provided by Techcom Engineering. It’s very wise to entrust one company with all security solutions, rather than juggling with many at a time. It makes harder to manage the enterprise. Techcom Engineering is your one stop shop for solutions to any problem!

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